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 Mission Cards?

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PostSubject: Mission Cards?   Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:49 am

Hi folks.
Having three basic mission types would mean having 3 seperate lists for your force.

But if you are going to have variation in composition this would happen anyway!

And if you are writng more narrative missions , having a set format for basic structure for missions is less complicated than writing specific lists for each senario.

I think having more narrative missions would help bring the game back to life.
(Bland slugathons on planet bowling ball is opposite to what 40k should be IMO.)

What do you feel about seperate mission cards, where the game is decided by the objectives listed on the card?
And mission cards are drawn from Attacker/Defender/ Encounter random card decks?
(Players roll to see who places terrain and who goes first.The player who places terrain is the defender in attack- defence games.The player who goes first is the attacker in attack defence games .Both players draw from the encounter deck for encounter missions.)

Example Attack Mission Card.

Hells High Way.
A deep striking detachment, crucial to the war, has fallen deep within enemy teritory.It is vital you punch through and clear and HOLD a corridor so the detachment can return to our lines.

Minor victory.
You secure a 12" wide pathway across the playing area, from you deployment zone to your opponents deployment zone.

Major victory .
You secure the 12" wide pathway across the playing area and sustain less than 25% casualties.

Example Defence Mission Card.
Wheels of Death
An important commander is in the area, it is imperitive that our defencive line is NOT overrun by fast moving units, that could encircle this high priority target!

Minor Victory.
All enemy units that can move over 12 " per turn MUST be destroyed immobilised or prevented from reaching any table edge,(apart from deployment edge.)

Major Victory .
All enemy units that can move over 6" have been destroyed or immobilised.

Example Encounter Mission Card.

Stealing Thunder.
Your force is the advanced scouting force tasked with destroying the enemies heavy defences , prior to a major advance.

Minor Victory.
All enemy units with RANGED weapons str 8 or above along or classed as Ordnance MUST be destroyed or have weapon destroyed if vehicle.

Major Victory .
ALL enemy units with Heavy or ordnance weapons are destroyed, or have had the weapon destroyed if a vehicle.

If you have 6 mission cards each for attack-defence,and 12 for encounter.
This means 72 different game types , (36 attack defence games , and 36 encounter games,with 3 different army lists) decided by drawing a card each.
How many different senarios could you write?

I think this is the best way to get maximum variation in games , with the minimum of fuss.

1/ Decide what do you want to play Attack- Defence or Encounter.

2/Roll to see who sets up terrain and who picks deployment area,(and goes) first.

3/Draw apropriate mission card secretly.



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Mission Cards?
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