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 Bring Back Classic units.

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Novice Scribe
Novice Scribe

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PostSubject: Bring Back Classic units.   Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:08 pm

Hi all.
I would like to develop rules to allow the great old units to be used in the current edition.
Like Madboys, Boarboys, Wild boys,Hop-Splat Field gun, etc.
Maybe even resurect the Renagades lists?

Any how here is my starting point for a Madboyz entry.
Troops Chioce.

0 to 1 Madboys Mob.10pts per Madboy.
4 2 4 4 1 2 2 NA 5+.

Composition 10 to 20 Madboyz. Unit type Infantry

Stikk Bomms
Bizzar Apparel

Special Rules
Furious Charge
Disturbed Behaviour

Bizzar Aparrel.
Madboys wear and carry all sorts of bizzar odds and ends,and wether they are lucky charms or psychicaly charged protection devices or they simply put attackers off because they are so gaudy the Madboys get a 5+ save.

Disturbed behaviour,
At the start of each turn roll a D6, on the roll of a 1 or 6 the madboys become disturbed.Roll on the Disturbed Behaviour table.
Rather than take a Ld test the Madboys roll on the Disturbed Behaviour table.
The Disturbed behaviour lasts untill the end of the game turn.

Disturbed Behaviour table.
Rol A D6.

1/ Fobik.
The Madboys become terrified of a random object -event.They want to run away as fast as they can!
The Madboy run towards the nearest table edge.If they leave the table they count as destroyed.They will not shoot but will assault any unit that is in the way, freind or foe.

2 /Melonkilik.
The Madboys convince themselves they are dead, and lay down , waiting to be taken into 'da big green'.
The Madboys are so good at remaining motionless they convince all enemies they are actualy dead and can not be targeted!

The Madboys decide to 'get a zoggin move on'.
The Madboys move at supa orky speed, they will not shoot, but can fight in assault normaly.
The Madboys gain Fleet and Move through cover special rules.

The Madboys multiple personalities all emerge at once.And all are eager to 'ave a go!Unfortunatly due to arguments breaking out between personalities thier progress is a hamperd a bit.
The Madboys can re roll all rolls 'to hit' , and gain the 'Slow and purpousful' 'feel no pain' special rule.

5 /Sykotik.
The Madboys are overtaken with steely determination to destroy the nearest enemy unit.
If in assault range they gain Rage , Fleet, Move Through Cover and Feel No Pain special rules.
If out of assault range they re roll to hit dice when shooting.
All Sykotik Madboy attacks count as rending.(Shooting and assault.)

6/ Manik
The Madboys tap into the waaagh energy generated by thier fellow orks , and use it to enhance thier abilities , and are covered in a green glow.
The Madboys count as being armed with power weapons , and roll 2 D6 for armour penetration rolls in close combat.
They also gain a 4+ invunerable save.


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Novice Scribe
Novice Scribe

Posts : 26
Join date : 2010-10-29

PostSubject: Re: Bring Back Classic units.   Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:20 am

Hi all.
Here is my take on the Feral units of old...

Troops selection.

0 to 1 Wild Boys Mob 5 points per model

Model type.WS/BS/S/T/W/I/A/Ld/Sv
Wild Boyz. 4/2/3/4/1/2/2/6/6+

Unit Composition:
9-19 Wild boys and 1 Runtherd

Unit Type:
▪ Infantry

Wild boyz.
Waaagh Paint (5+ invunerable save)
2 close combat weapons.

Runt herd.
Grabba stikk

Special Rules:
Furious Charge
Mob Rule

The Wild Boys Mob must be lead by a Runtherd
He may replace his grabstikk with
Grot-Prod…………………………………………+5 points

Fast attack selection.

Boarboys. 15 points per model.

Model type.WS/BS/S/T/W/I/A/Ld/Sv
Boarboy. 4/2/3/4/1/2/2/6/5+
Pig Doc...4/2/4/4/2/3/3/7/5+

Unit Composition:
▪ 5-10 Boarboyz

Unit Type:
▪ Calvary


Special Rules:
Furious Charge

▪ The entire mob may take:
- Stikkbombz.........+1 points per model
- Bang stikks .........+5 points each.

Bang skikks
Bang Stikks are a shaped charge anti vehicle weapon.
(A cluster of stikk bombs carfully tied onto the end of a long stick.)
With a contact detonator(a nail hammered in the end.)
ONE bangstikk attack per enemy vehicle caught in the boarboys assault.
Resolved at 1 Strenght 8 attack with +2 D6 armour pen.

▪ One Boarboy may be upgraded to a Pigboss.+10 points
▪ One Boarboy may be upgraded to a Pigdoc...+10 points
▪ All models in the Pigdok’s unit may have:
- Cyboars................................+10 points

Cyboars are part beast part machine .
And give the rider T 4(5) and the Exhast Cloud rule in the same way Warbikes do.
They also gain the Turbo-boosters special rule.


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Bring Back Classic units.
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