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 Statline Emoteicons

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PostSubject: Statline Emoteicons   Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:18 am

I have added stat gifs for all 9 stats from 0-10. A compleat list follows:

:ws#:  (0-10)
:bs#:  (0-10)
:s#:  (0-10)
:t#:  (0-10)
:w#:  (1-10)
:i#:  (0-10)
:a#:  (0-10)
:ld#:  (0-10)
:sv#+: (2-6)  :sv-:  (for no armour save)

IE Space Marine :ws4::bs4::s4::t4::w1::i4::a1::ld8::sv3+: would equal below.

Space Marine Weapon Skill 4Balistic Skill 4Strength 4Toughness 4Wounds 1Initiative 4Attacks 1Leadership 8Armour Save of 3+

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Statline Emoteicons
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